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We are happy to confirm that we’re still in the office as usual and ready to work together on planning your next trip, despite the devastating effect of Covid-19 on the travel industry.

… (read more)On all our trips we are able to implement appropriate social distancing policies and extra protocols to ensure excellent safety and hygiene practises, tailored according to the timing and locations of your visits. In a time of global uncertainty we are also offering unprecedented flexibility regarding bookings and deposit payments in order to help make life as easy as possible for you in promoting the trip to students and parents. The important first step is to get in touch and we can discuss your unique needs and how best to move forwards.

In many of the developing countries we visit, tourism has been the catalyst for driving communities out of poverty. We feel duty bound to help tourism recover safely to avoid losing a generation of progress and development. Otherwise the overall socio-economic effect of the virus will reach way beyond serious medical effects and devastate economies reliant on tourism around the world.

Indago was founded and developed on the principle that meaningful travel experiences help to develop global citizens. When so many people have been locked down in their own countries we are looking forward to a time when we can play our part in helping students look outwards again, rather than inwards.

We look forward to travelling with you soon.

The Indago Team