We are delighted that our destinations are now open again for travel.

Although global travel has changed dramatically through Covid, we have adapted and evolved throughout the pandemic to keep supporting our friends, colleagues and the whole Indago family around the world. Our protocols and excellent safety and hygiene practises, tailored according to the timing and locations of your visits, mean that your trips can run with full confidence that you are in safe hands.

In many of the developing countries we visit, tourism has been the catalyst for driving communities out of poverty. We are working to help tourism recover safely to avoid losing a generation of progress and development. Otherwise the overall socio-economic effect of the virus will continue to devastate economies reliant on tourism around the world for years to come.

Indago was founded and developed on the principle that meaningful travel experiences help to develop global citizens. When so many people have been locked down in their own countries we are grateful to return to a situation where we can play our part in helping students look outwards again, rather than inwards.

We look forward to travelling with you again.

The Indago Team